BattleBag Wordpress E-commerce site

One bag, no limits training for the hardcore military training enthusiast. Built using Wordpress, Woocommerce and Stripe

Management Consultancy Website (HTML)

Build a management consultancy website to enhance the online presence of Billing Services and attract new business through a comprehensive SEO plan.

Wordpress Website Redevelopment & Maintenance

Re-design the website to make it cleaner, easier to read and well structured.
Optimise the website in term of SEO and fast performance for both mobile and desktop browsers.


Custom software for H&S training and Employee on-boarding

1. Delivered an integrated on-boarding process for 400 employees to ensure all relevant HR information is captured and processed seamlessly into their HR system.
2. Implemented an online H&S training plan to provide fast, effective, efficient training to a geographically dispersed workforce.

Fitness App (Apple & Android), Website and E-commerce

Livestream and video on demand fitness app on IOS and Android.