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Virtual Speedy Services Ltd

Virtual Speedy Services Ltd is set up to provide a suite of services for Small and Medium size businesses to help them Setup or expand by  learning,  executing a business plan for focus, raising finance and market tools like an effective google led website using artificial intelligence chatbots to generate quality business leads.

Virtual Personal Assistance offer a range of services to help you get a promotion, start a business or market your business effectively. check out our range of services

Our core services are

1: Chatbots

Designing and launching Chatbot for businesses to help them attract and manage more authentic enquiries 24/7 using new A.I technology. We can design and execute bespoke chatbots to help you deal with online enquiries 24/7 from any avenue. This is becoming more and more important as enquiries can come from anywhere. Test this online tool for free!

2. Courses and Training

Fast Track CPD and IAO accredited Soft skills courses. If you’re looking to upskill for a new job, starting or expanding a business or get a promotion our workbook courses are to be completed and returned within 4 weeks for marking to get your certificate.

3. Google Verified Website

Google verified Quick website design with links to social media. This insures you are on google maps and in the search engine. We also help with establishing your social media links for branding.

4. Business Planning & Finance

We assist start-ups or established businesses to generate a business plan and projections. We can also assist with setting up your Ltd, Online bank account, merchant account and registered address if you want to protect your private home address. We can also help with advice on where to submit your business plan for funding.

5. Start your own Agency

An opportunity to invest in your own Chatbots Agency and help businesses engage with potential customers 24/7.

We provide a suite of services designed to get you moving quickly towards your goals.


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