Latest Work

BW Dance Works

Clean, Consistent and Concise is what we went for here. We wanted to draw potential customers to the eye catching photography and impressive repertoire of classes available.

Bethany had already created her own logo for the business and hoped we would continue the look and feel throughout the website – we feel as though we managed this perfectly! The subtle blues don’t distract the eye and the fonts are kept simple and easy to read.

The booking system hat BW Dance Works uses is hosted elsewhere so we had to come up with some clever HTML Coding to implement and display it on the website – keeping the customer on the website, engaged and directed towards filling out an enquiry form.

Blue Starfish Publishing

Rosie wanted a clean looking website making the most of whitespace to bring focus to her eye catching hand drawn illustrations. Something she firmly believes Children and parents alike will really engage with – and it’s hard to argue with that!

We kept the subtle blue colours consistent throughout – as well as a stand out font to capture the users attention. The online store is simple to navigate and whilst there are only 2 books now it allows for growth in the future. Full social integration has also been added to allow users to keep up to date on everything going on at Blue Starfish.

Estia Soaps

Olga wanted a website that was easier for her customers to use and one that showed off her beautiful products for the world to see. After a bit of tooing and froing – creative differences – we eventually decided on a light airy website making the most of the white space with influxes of the green that makes Estia Soaps brand really stand out.

We stuck to using the same font throughout with the inclusion of some calligraphy type text to add that touch of luxury.

I love being able to help and support Olga’s business – it’s one thats committed to changing the norm and fighting against animal cruelty, promoting natural products and protecting the environment!!