Inchpark community Super WiFi

Provision of Super Wifi network covering Inchpark Community Sports Ground.
Mimo-net provides a managed public space WiFi to assist in raising funds for the community.

What the client says

Inch Park Trustee Joe Sneddon said: “Inch Park Community Sports Club (IPCSC) would like to thank MiMo-Net for helping us bring free super WiFi to Inch Park. We are delighted to be the first club in Scotland to provide this service, and now have fantastic coverage across Inch Park allowing the public to connect for free to WiFi throughout the park.

He continued: “This also comes backed with Mimo-Net’s fantastic child-safe features helping safeguard the kids who use it.

“We would like to welcome everyone to use the free WiFi, from dog walkers at the furthest point in the park, to the visitors at the club - whether it’s for sports, lets, function hall/bar bookings or indeed to Toots cafe, and of course, anyone just passing through.”

Joe Sneddon, Trustee