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We are a web development firm focusing on all areas of web development.

I started my travels into the computing sector when I was 14, starting an IT GCSE with intentions of making the best project the teacher had ever seen, well that was pretty easy, so I said; "lets do it in a year!". That's when it all started. I did the GCSE in a year and attained an A, along with my Maths GCSE (A*). Then I had lessons to fill, no work to do. Until I was told of the AS level, so I started and I worked all summer long on my AS level project until there was no project left, or very little. Well, I wasn't just going to setttle for half an A-level, if its going to be done, you might as well complete the whole thing, so I did. I did the whole A-level in a year. In between this palaver of my GCSEs and an A-level, I attained a Raspberry Pi, this would soon become my main computer, chucking my laptop aside. Why would you code on a laptop when you can code on a Raspberry Pi, I ask you? Well I understand there are many reasons for using a laptop, but the passion I have for my little board is burning and thats what I use. Everything I code is in a Raspberry Pi. So all my websites are coded on a Raspberry Pi in a text editor, it mades things simple and I dont have to worry about a big clunky programme refusing to work. My Javascript is also done in a text editor but I usually run it on the p5.js website. I keep all of my mathematical code in p5.js or JavaScript, its easier that way as then I can easily implement it into my website. For more information about other things I do in my spare time, check out my side projects page; slight warning its a rabbit hole in there!


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