Iuvo Ingenii

Building Professional Profile page, Company Website or eCommerce solution..

London United Kingdom

1. Build Website = Approx. £350.00 (per website)
a. Content will be provided by you.
b. Website will not exceed 4 Pages one of which will be a Blog page
c. You will have full admin access and will be able to add blogs and share them on social media
d. Examples:
i. for the Blog Page please check this link as a reference for the layout: https://www.iuvoingenii.co.uk/blog
ii. for your website based on as a Professional Profile page: http://www.mahmoudbahri.com/
iii. For company based website you can refer to my website: https://www.iuvoingenii.co.uk/
2. Maintain Website (2 Years) = Approx. £25.00 per month includes the following
a. Webhosting Business Package cost: 1 free domain*1 and 5 email accounts*2, social media widgets, business widgets (Customer reviews and online scheduling)
*Subject to availability and based on prices April 2019. Prices may vary accordingly.
Maintain Website subject to 2 year commitment.
Prices ex. vat