Matthew J Magic

The main objective Matt wanted to achieve was a website that truly reflected him as a magician and a variety entertainer. Taking users on a journey through the website whilst providing engagement on every page.

A varied, yet compelling design
We created a website design that would engage with Matt’s audience, with lots of ideas from two creative parties, we came up with an initial design concept to base the entire website around.Piecing together additional tweaks and ideas that would be taken into the development phase. These additional components would ensure that Matt stood out from the crowd with a unique website.

We provided Matt with bespoke, templated website development utilizing WordPress for the framework. We custom built Matt a number of recyclable pages that could house content across his range of services.

What the client says

I've always taken on most things myself, including spending hours learning how to build my own websites and building them on my own, partially due to the cost and partially due to the worry of trusting someone else with the massively important image and representation of my business.Anyone with a business will have listened to hundreds of (for want of a better word) chancers waxing lyrical about what an amazing job they will make of your website and how paying them x, y and z will improve your SEO and convert more sales. All the while quoting technical sounding jargon at you but it's all stuff you've heard before or read in a blog so you see right through it.MY INITIAL MEETINGS WITH ASH AND ADAM WERE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT!!!There was no false pretence of some form of mythical world I would never understand, quite the opposite. They took what I knew about websites, listened to it and explained exactly what they proposed to do in ways I could understand with no patronising element and ...

Matthew Cope, Owner, Matthew J Magic