Ruffined Pet Services

A local pet services company specialising in dog walking and behaviour in Barnsley and the surrounding areas.

The challenge
Create a memorable brand which matched the website perfectly
Ruffined wanted to create a unique brand and identity that would be immediately recognised and remembered.

What we did
Logo design and branding, coupled with website development
We worked with Ruffined and conducted market research and competitor analysis to to identify exactly how to position the business with the local market.With the branding completed, our attention turned to a complete website redesign to reflect upon the initial brand. Developing a mobile responsive, SEO friendly website.

Launch and results
Ruffined saw an impressive trend in the first three months after launch, so much so that the business was able to grow organically to almost full capacity. With a brand instantly recognsied in the local area.

What the client says

Devign Studios have done an amazing job with my brand and website, as a startup they took onboard everything I said and understood exactly what I wanted to achieve. They could not have been more helpful, my brand is everything I wanted it to be and more with a modern and professional website that matches the brand perfectly.

Daniel Sherwood, Owner, Ruffined Pet Services