Ossett Massage Therapy

Ossett Massage Therapy required a website redesign to replace the existing website which did not reflect the image they were trying to achieve.

Ossett Massage Therapy wanted to keep the website simple and guide users through the website simply and easily. Catering for a wide client base, it was important to keep the design intuitive for all types of users.

We worked closely with Ossett Massage Therapy to understand the existing problems faced by users, looking at potential drop off points and how we could improve existing content with a rich and modern design.The end result would be an authentic, boutique website design and lightweight bespoke build.

Utilizing Adobe XD, we created an authentic design which included interactive components to demonstrate how little elements throughout the website would function.User interaction was key, it was vital that any and all user interaction was simple to use. Forms, buttons and navigation we’re focal points throughout the design.


What the client says

Ashley and Adam have designed and built my new website brilliantly. They were both lovely and patient and never condescending to me ( I haven’t a clue). They have made the website so easily useable for me I’m amazed. I totally recommend Devign studios. Thank you both so much.

Judith Grittiths, Owner, Ossett Massage Therapy