DLO Taxis Tamworth

Taxi available from Tamworth to all major airports and cities. We will be there when we are meant to be and won’t leave you hanging around!

Ecommerce Demo Web Site

Virtualeap offer ecommerce solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our websites are designed not just to look good but actually help you sell your products.

Virtualeap Web Design Cyprus

Virtualeap offer web development services for businesses of all sizes on the island of Cyprus. Their sites are designed to suit your brief and will give your business something to be proud of!


Web Design for a Cat Charity

With more cats than humans in Cyprus, everyone must take some responsibility for helping control the problem while keeping cat welfare top priority.

Our mission is to make the world a better place for Cyprus’ homeless cat population.

Web Design for an Essential Oils Company

MALO-SUNCE is a family business specializing in the Helichrysum italicum (or immortelle) plant cultivation, processing and production of its essential oil, hydrolate and cosmetics.