Blue Star London

Digital Marketing company for SMBs

London,England United Kingdom

We are a small Digital Marketing agency helping businesses to establish online presence. We build websites, provide maintenance, help with all kinds of online marketing activities.

Website is a key element of a modern marketing strategy. You need it to attract new clients, you need it to retain existing clients. Just doing your job well is no longer enough.

Blue Star London is helping small businesses to succeed in Internet 2.0 age.

If you are just launched, we can help you to setup a basic website very quickly. In simple terms, you will need a Home Page, a list of Services, a page with information about business and a Contact Us form!

If you have a logo, that’s a great starting point! If not, we can design a simple logo for you after initial meeting or a phone call.

For more established business we would like to start with audit of your existing online presence:

* Does your website bring new clients? Does it drive sales up?

* Is your website sufficiently fast?

* Does your website use secure HTTPS with SSL Certificate?

* Is it mobile friendly? How does it look like on iPhone, iPad? How about Android phones?

* Does it support modern retina / 4K screens? Images from 2014 look very unattractive in 2019 once you stretch them to full width of 3940 pixels!

* What versions of software does it use? Is it necessary to upgrade to latest version of WordPress? How about Plugins?

* Is it possible to find your website in Google and Bing?

* Is there any backlinks? Do other websites link to your website?

* Does your website adhere to best practices, like single H1 header per page? Do images have descriptions in ALT attribute?

* How easy is it to read texts on your website?

Any shortcomings are then reported back to you and we design a plan how your website and social media presence can be improved.

And if you are selling online, we can help with setting up WooCommerce (an extension for WordPress) e-store and connect it with your Amazon Marketplace and eBay.

We strive to compliment your entrepreneurial and marketing skills with knowledge and comprehension of technology driving Internet 2.0 and modern age e-Commerce.

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    Server Maintenance, WordPress, Website Maintenance, Domain Registration, Web Design, Server Maintenance
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